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Create Complete User Experiences
with Digital Solutions

Keep your clients engaged through high quality interactions using live chat, social media and email support.

Helpdesk Setup

The result of employees, over 115 detailers and engineers all coming together.

Trained Customer Service Reps

All our respresentatives are trained on the foundations of good customer service.

Tailored Support Plan

Your support plan created for you based on your needs, your goals and your budget.

Customer Support With A Difference

Don't miss out on sales or the opportunity to maintain your customers because of poor or lack of customer support. Our support team is an extension of your business and the aim is to maintain high quality support leading to high customer satisfaction ratings and lead conversions.

How it Works

Websol offers a full service digital customer support service for our clients. Each client receives a custom built support plan based of their needs, volume, goals and budget.

Our agents work 8-10 hour days, 7 days per week. They are scheduled according to the coverage needs of the client.  

In order for our team to get started, each client should have a help desk in place where their customer queries are channeled. 

There needs to be a standard training for our agents that includes, client business details along with support expectations and requirements.

If a client has no helpdesk or support standards in place, we have an offering that allows Websol to assist the client with getting these in place for more effective support.

It takes approximately 2 weeks to have a client fully on-boarded with trained agents doing live, independent support.

Effective & Flexible Pricing that
Adapts your Needs!

Single Service

Starting at

US$ 799 Per Month

Shared team, working up to 8 hrs per day with one communications channel (eg. Email OR Live Chat).


Starting at

US $ 1200 Per Month

Shared team, working up to 8 hrs per day with multiple channels (eg. Email & Live Chat).

Dedicated Team

Starting at

US$ 1500 Per Month, Per Agent

Team of full service agents dedicated solely to working on your account.