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Branding is one of the most important assets that any company can develop. Whether large or small a brand has tremendous impact on a company.

Most  of us today are familiar with the building block of online presence: websites, social media, reviews and so on. But what we often fail to recognise is that merely having a “presence” isn’t enough to get your company’s name out to the people who need your products and services.

Online branding is in essence your cross-platform strategy which present’s you company as an expert in the field. Good branding reflects the quality of your company, not just how easy it is to find online.

I personally believe that every company can benefit from an online brand at the forefront of their marketing campaigns. However we must understand that branding is more than just posting your logo on your website. There are several elements that need to be considered if you want to make your brand instantly recognisable.

Expression of Quality through Design

The lack of commitment to a brand can kill it before it even gets started.  I know that quality graphic design is expensive, but if you don’t possess a lick of design talent, you need to spend the money to get a professional design for your brand.

Delivery of Information

Your brand will never take off if people can’t find the information that they need. I’ve experienced it countless times. You visit a website with a great look. It’s uniform and unique; clearly the product of many hours of intensive work, but it’s essentially empty. There’s no useful content anywhere. No brand can survive unless it actually delivers.

Added Value

When building your online brand, keep in mind the possible opportunities to add value to your services. Spending time and money to develop a brand that is too tightly focused can hamper your ability to easily expand your products and services.

Easy to Navigate

I think this one should go without saying. Today’s internet users have very short attention spans. Your professional brand can grab their attention, but poor navigation will drive them away from your online site in seconds.

Brands in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)

I find almost everything I need using a search engine. So does the majority of the consuming public. Having a webpage that ranks high in the SERPs will help drive the maximum amount of visitors to your site, especially if they can instantly recognize your brand. When it comes to choosing which search result to click, I am more likely to click on the one that I recognize first and then sift through others.

Sidestepping the Competition

Like I said above, I’ll click on the link that I am more familiar with. A strong brand will have potential clients sidestepping your competitors and coming to you if you have more brand power than your rivals. Brand power is not only restricted to your online brand, but can also help you draw attention from your competition in print and other media.

Keep these few tips in mind while you’re developing your brand. They’ll help to ensure that you get the best results from your online branding efforts.

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